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Welcome to Network Infrastructure and Services Technologies Ltd

Network Infrastructures & Services Technologies Limited (RC 708466) is incorporated in Nigeria to provide quality and unparalleled IT services in Nigeria. There was a need to bridge the yawning gap between Nigeria and the developed countries, in information dissemination, computer appreciation and effective link up with the global village and information superhighway. For this to be effectively done, viable companies are required in the supply, installation and engineering of IT products and services, where such could be done at affordable pricing. This is the relevance of NISTECH LTD.

NISTECH LTD is a company that is basically composed of young and dynamic IT professionals and consultants who have distinguished themselves in the field and has worked with renowned companies in the areas of Internet Services setup and building of reliable and resilient network infrastructures over the years.

We have designed and built networks in numerous countries in Africa using various Networking Technologies ranging from Fiber, Wireless, Ethernet etc

We offer Professional Service in the Areas of

  • - Network design
  • - Consulting
  • - Network Implementation
  • - Network Management and Monitoring
  • - Cloud Hosted Services (VPN, AAA, Network Monitoring

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Suite 6, Rehoboth Plaza Magazine Road, Jericho. Ibadan Post Code: 200272 Nigeria
Lagos liason Office(Appointments only): 9 Oremeji Close Oregun Ikeja, Lagos State.
Telephone:+2348080933986, +2348034814324
Website: , ,

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