About our services

At NISTECH LTD, we are geared towards helping ISPs, Corporate Organizations and Educational Institutions share technology resources. Business networks are designed to fit the individual needs of every customer. Emphasis is given to the immediate requirements and maintaining the ability for future expansion. Everything we offer needs to be scalable; if we cannot multiply the solution with ease then we find another way to do it.
We offer Professional Service in the Areas of
  • - Network design
  • - Consulting
  • - Network Implementation
  • - Network Management and Monitoring
  • - Cloud Hosted Services (VPN, AAA, Network Monitoring)


Providing Solutions, Implementing appropriate knowledge Management and network solutions and value-added e-business applications can be challenging in today's rapidly changing IT environment. Rather than redirect valuable resources or expanding your hard-working staff, look to NISTECH 
LTD Network Consulting and Integration Services Team. Our experienced consulting professionals apply proven methodologies to help develop an end- to-end; multi-vendor network solution for your business and IT needs, for today and in the future.


Determining your current and future networking needs can be a daunting task. NISTECH LTD will help you formulate a scalable network strategy, and will design a solution to meet those needs. No two networks are exactly alike; this requires our solutions to be customized to your specific needs. Our team of design consultants takes the time to understand your company by analyzing your existing infrastructure, cabling specifications, and inventory. Only then do we develop a conceptual design to fit your specific needs for data, image, and voice communications.


Only highly trained network engineers can roll out new network software with the proper planning and oversight you require. Our engineers have you covered. System upgrades and operating system updates can bring your network down or cause network degradations if done incorrectly. NISTECH LTD network engineers have the experience, education and expertise to make your network implementation painless.

Maintenance and Support

NISTECH LTD has a service concept of “WOMB to TOMB” to cater to technology transition and adaptability. This Ensures lifetime usability to the technology fielded by us. With a service commitment of 24/7 (24 hours and 7 days), NISTECH LTD is geared to support large installations round the clock.


training Services


  • -Turnkey Network Deployment (from start to finish)
  • - Quality of Service Control (Firewall, Traffic shaping and control)
  • - Bandwidth aggregation and optimization
  • - User access Control (Hotspot, Tunneling, user-manager, RADIUS)
  • - Advanced Routing (BGP, MPLS, TE) solutions
  • - IPv6 Deployment
  • - WISP
  • - We are a leading reseller of All MikroTik Products and Licenses
  • MikroTik TRAINING
  • - We are Certified Trainer for ALL MikroTik Courses and Coordinator for MikroTik Academy in Africa
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  • - We offer Practical hands-on Fiber Optic Training for Network Engineers and Technicians
  • - Training focuses on hardware Types and Selection, Installation, Termination, Commissioning and Documentation
  • - All participants will have the privilege of using splicing machine and connectorization
  • - 80% practical class
  • - We offer turnkey Fiber optic network installation. from Design to Commissioning!
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  • - Practical Hands-on training class on Voice over IP deployment using the open source asterisk
  • - integration with other vendors Solutions
  • - On-Site Deployment of Voice of IP Solutions
  • - Remote Technical Support and Consultancy for VoIP Solutions
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  • - LPI Training modules and Certification
  • - LAMP
  • - Open Source Network Management Solutions
  • - Open Source Network Monitoring Solutions
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  • Cloud Hosted Virtual Private Network Service
  • Cloud Hosted Authentication Service
  • Cloud Hosted Network Monitoring Service
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    We offer 3 levels of consultancy service
    • - Basic (NO Contract Required)
    • - Premium (Contract Required for minimum of 3 months)
    • - Classic (Contract Required for at least 12 months)

    Tower Service


    Our highly specialized tower services include:

    • * The design and construction of roof mounts for any purpose.
    • * Analyzing, assessing and upgrading existing antenna support structures to meet the requirements of the latest CSA standards, whether to determine existing antenna loading or to assess the possibility of adding new and/or different antennas.
    • * The supply, installation, alignment and testing of antennas and transmission lines.
    • * The design and construction of foundations for towers and small buildings.
    • * Management, inspection and coordination of all site works, including soils investigation, site clearing, fencing, site grading, building access roads and related activities.
    • * The supply and installation of equipment shelters and small buildings.
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    Network Infrastructures & Services Technologies Limited RC 708466 is incorporated in Nigeria to provide quality and unparalleled IT services in Nigeria. There was a need to bridge the yawning gap between Nigeria and the developed countries, in information dissemination, computer appreciation and effective link up with the global village and information superhighway. For this to be effectively done, viable companies are required in the supply, installation and engineering of IT products and services, where such could be done at affordable pricing. This is the relevance of NISTECH LTD.

    NISTECH LTD is a company that is basically composed of young and dynamic IT professionals and consultants who have distinguished themselves in the field and has worked with renowned companies in the areas of Internet Services setup and building of reliable and resilient network infrastructures over the years.

    This group of young professionals had the opportunity of setting up Networks in various parts of Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Burundi, Republic of Guinea and Liberia. They have come together with the vision of harnessing the power of this synergy to support the building of a society where quality service delivery over efficient infrastructure will be readily affordable and available to the larger populace.